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What is the most powerful army in the world? Ranking of the largest armies in the world

Bayanalysis - The ranking of the largest armies in the world has not changed for years, or specifically the 4 most powerful global armies. In this report, we will look together at the ranking of global armies, as the end of the topic includes a list of the 50 most powerful global armies and 17 Arab armies.

ما هو أقوى جيش في العالم؟ «ترتيب أكبر الجيوش في العالم»

Who is the most powerful army in the world?

The first American army in the world with a budget of $ 770 billion and 1.8 million soldiers

As usual, the United States of America retained the first place as the most powerful army in the world, as it achieved 2207.5 points, and the US army has the highest military budget in the world, with a value of $ 770 billion, while the army has a population of one million and 832 thousand officers and soldiers, with a growth of 0.5%, there are many criteria The other that gave the US Army a fighting force, at the level of the US Air Force it has 1957 combat aircraft and interceptors, a growth of 14.8%, in addition to 5463 helicopters, a growth of 41.2%, while the combat helicopters are 910 aircraft. At the postal level, the US Army has more than 6.6 thousand tanks, 45.2 thousand armored vehicles, and 1.37 thousand missile launchers, while the US Navy has 11 aircraft carriers, 9 helicopters, 92 naval destroyers, and 68 submarines.

The points of the Russian army qualify it to equal 90% of the strength of the American army

In second place comes Russia with 1996 points, with a military budget equivalent to 154 billion dollars, and a total of 1.35 million officers and soldiers. At the level of forces, Russia’s ground forces have capabilities, including 12.4 thousand tanks, 30.1 thousand armored vehicles, and 3.4 thousand missile launchers, while The Russian Air Force has 772 fighter and model warplanes, and 739 others for air attack. The Navy has one aircraft carrier, 15 destroyers, 11 frigates and 70 submarines.

The Chinese army is a potential force with the second strongest budget in the world and is close to taking second place

In third place comes China, which has 1957 points, which makes it very close to the Russian army, which may take over its position in the near future, so that China will become the second in the world after the US army, knowing that it is expected to be the first military force in the world in the coming decades. . Of course, China has a large number of soldiers, amounting to 3.13 million soldiers and officers, and at the level of Chinese weapons, it has 3.3 thousand warplanes, 5.25 thousand tanks, 35 thousand armored vehicles and 3.16 thousand missile launchers, in addition to 2 aircraft carriers, 79 submarines, 41 destroyers and 49 Frigate. As for the military budget, it has a higher budget than the Russian military budget, amounting to 230 billion dollars.

The Indian Army raises the world's largest number of soldiers exceeding the population of some countries

In fourth place and at a distance from the previous three armies, the Indian army scored 1021 points, as the glands of military personnel reached 5.13 million, which is the largest in the world, while the army has weapons that include 2.2 thousand warplanes, 4.6 thousand tanks, 12 thousand browsers, and 1.34 A thousand missile models, an aircraft carrier only, 10 destroyers, 17 submarines and 13 frigates. From a financial point of view, it is the sixth in the world in terms of the defense budget, with a total of $49.6 billion.

The Egyptian army is on the list of the strongest in the Middle East, Africa and the Arab world

At the Arab level, the Egyptian army maintains its Arab and African brigades and the Middle East, and globally it ranked 12th with 535 points, with a military force of 1.23 million personnel, and a military budget of 4.36 billion dollars, while the Egyptian forces have 4.4 thousand tanks, which achieved for them the sixth strongest capacity Military in terms of tanks globally, while it has 10,000 armored vehicles and 1,24,000 missile launchers, and at the air level, the Egyptian Air Force has more than a thousand warplanes, taking the eighth place in the world, and it also has 8 submarines, 2 helicopter carriers and 13 frigates.

The Saudi army, with the sixth largest military budget in the world, ranks 20th

While the army's budget is equivalent to 46 billion dollars, which is the ninth largest in the world, while its military equipment includes 897 warplanes, more than a thousand tanks, 6.2 thousand armored vehicles, 275 missile launchers, and 7 naval frigates.

Ranking of the most powerful armies in the world «The 50 most powerful armies in the world»

  1. U.S. military
  2. the Russian army
  3. Chinese army
  4. Indian army
  5. Japanese army
  6. Korean army
  7. French army
  8. the British army
  9. Pakistani army
  10. Brazilian army
  11. Italian army
  12. Egyptian army
  13. Turkish army
  14. Iranian army
  15. Indonesian army
  16. German army
  17. Australian Army
  18. Israeli army
  19. Spanish army
  20. Saudi army
  21. Taiwanese army
  22. Ukrainian army
  23. Canadian Army
  24. Polish army
  25. Swedish army
  26. South African army
  27. Greek army
  28. Vietnamese army
  29. Thai army
  30. korean army south korea
  31. Algerian army
  32. Swiss army
  33. Norwegian army
  34. Iraqi army
  35. Nigerian Army
  36. UAE army
  37. Dutch army
  38. Roman army
  39. Myanmar army
  40. Argentine army
  41. Tsikki army
  42. Singaporean army
  43. Mexican army
  44. Colombian army
  45. Venezuelan army
  46. Bangladeshi army
  47. Syrian army
  48. Malaysian army
  49. Portuguese army
  50. Peruvian army

Ranking of the most powerful Arab armies

  1. Egyptian army
  2. Saudi army
  3. Algerian army
  4. Iraqi army
  5. UAE army
  6. Syrian army
  7. Moroccan army «56 globally»
  8. Kuwaiti army «71 globally»
  9. Libyan army «72 globally»
  10. Sudanese army «73 globally»
  11. Tunisian army «74 in the world»
  12. The Jordanian army «75 globally»
  13. The Qatari army «77 globally»
  14. Omani Army «78 globally»
  15.   Yemeni army «80 globally»
  16. Bahraini Army «99 globally»
  17. The Lebanese Army «114 globally»

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